LewRockwell.com – December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 15,2010
The Ron Paul Hot Seat
Gary North on what terrifies Ben Bernanke.
The Death of American Freedom
A Lew Rockwell podcast with Naomi Wolf.
What the State Fears Most
Information in the hands of the people. Article by Jonathan Finegold Catalán.
Christmas Books
Thomas Sowell has some suggestions.
Off With Their Heads 2.0
Gerald Celente on the social unrest ahead.
Who’s Provoking Whom in the Koreas?
Our own Josh Snyder has sneakers on the ground.
Where To Move?
Watch what happened to 200 countries in 200 years, in a must-see four-minute video. Article by Simon Black.
Grave Domestic Threats to National Security
Julian Assange, you and me, and all Americans, says Mike Rozeff.
Change We Hate the Guts of
Walter Williams on Obamacare.
Use Cash For As Many Transactions As Possible
To protect your personal and financial privacy, and maybe even stay out of jail, says Bill Rounds.
Skewer the Fed
And roast it on a spit. Ron Paul has plans.
Gloomy, Lethargic, Irritable, Trouble Concentrating?
Use light to relieve the winter blues. Article by Joseph Mercola.