LewRockwell.com – December 8, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
The Treaty That Wall Street Wrote
Murray Rothbard on the Panama Canal.
Bernanke Lied His Way Through a ’60 Minutes’ Infomercial
Chairman Ron Paul won’t let him get away with it. Article by Gary North.
Now, Tell Me, Why Is Amazon Being Singled Out?
There is still no convincing explanation for the “boycott,” says Bob Murphy.
Emulate Ayn Rand
Not Milton Friedman. A Lew Rockwell podcast with Walter Block.
Belligerent US Diplomacy Promotes War
Mike Rozeff on the coming armageddon in Iran.
‘Up From the Projects’
Thomas Sowell on the moving memoirs of Walter Williams.
‘The Truth Will Always Win’
Julian Assange, in his own words.
Jim Rogers on the only thing the Fed knows: money printing.
Lessons From the Fall of Rome
For would-be expats. Article by Simon Black.
WikiLeaks Threatens the Enemies of Freedom – Only
Steve Greenhut on keeping our eye on the ball.
The WikiLeaks Sex Files
Julian Assange and the radical feminists.
Preparing for the Financial Apocalypse
12 simple things you can start doing now.