LewRockwell.com – December 3, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010
Don’t Start Another Korean War
Ron Paul calls on Obama and the neocons to stop their bloody schemes.
Stalinist Theatrics
Will Grigg on the secret police.
Far More Dangerous Than Terrorists
Vadim Antonov on those whole-body scanners.
Everything I Need To Know About the TSA
I learned in high school, says Cathy Cuthbert.
A Shark Tale
Arthur Krolman on what happened to Dizzyland.
The Dog Biscuit Miracle
David Bond on real public service, which is always private, of course.
Central Bank Secrecy and Corruption
Matt Stoller, a former Alan Grayson staffer, looks at the Fed and the Kochs.
Free Speech, Free Press, Free Markets
Doug Casey on the real meaning of WikiLeaks.
Another Patriot Act…for Food
Monsanto’s US Senate criminalizes organic farmers and supplements. Article by Marc Nestmann.
I Love WikiLeaks
For restoring distrust in government. Article by Jack Shafer.
Another Get-Rich-Al Climate Scheme
But the big boy is on thin ice. Article by Tim Ball.
Concerned About Pesticides or the Glycemic Index?
Joseph Mercola on the best and worst vegetables to eat.