LewRockwell.com – November 23, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
If the Warren Commission Was on the Up and Up
Why not open up its JFK assassination files? Article by Murray Rothbard.
Bernanke Critics Are Anti-Semites?
So smears the LA Times, in an attempt to demonize Ron Paul. Lew Rockwell responds.
The Wit’s End of T-Party Economics
Gary North on Ellen Brown, Bernanke’s cheerleader.
Washington’s Imperial Right-Wingers Are Worried
After all, the Soviet empire also ended in Afghanistan, says Eric Margolis.
The Astounding Walter Block
Lew Rockwell on Mr. Libertarian.
Nazis and the TSA
Robert Wenzel on how the total state is imposed.
The Grasshoppers’ Indian Summer
Gerald Celente puts a new twist on an old fable.
The JFK Casket Conspiracy
Jacob G. Hornberger on yet another astounding hole in the official story.
The ‘Health’ Tyrants
Walter Williams on federal, state, and local government enemies of our freedoms and our bodies.
Unthinkable Only a Year Ago
But will the GOP power elite actually allow Ron Paul to become Monetary Policy Chairman? Article by Charles Scaliger.
Are the X-Ray Body Scanners Dangerous to Your Health?
Of course, but the government couldn’t care less. Article by John Whitehead.
Don’t Get a Root Canal
It’s not the only option, nor it is safe, says Joseph Mercola.