LewRockwell.com – November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
The Conservative Anarchist
Murray N. Rothbard on Edmund Burke, before he went astray.
China Scorns US Funny Money
Eric Margolis on snake oil on the Potomac, which has lost its power to fool.
Listen to Henry Hazlitt
The great Austrian was right about money, nationalism, and gold, says Seth Lipsky.
If You Can’t Touch It, You Don’t Own It
You must physically hold your precious metals outside the system, says David Morgan.
The US Drug War Is Wrecking Mexico
Directed by DC, the federales are cracking down…hard, says P.T. Freeman.
The Total Control Society
It’s here, says John Whitehead.
The Torturer’s Book Tour
(The LRC-reading Lord Mayor of London) Boris Johnson cautions W about pushing his “memoirs” in the UK.
Zap! Another Reason Not To Fly
Massively increased cosmic radiation can harm frequent passengers.
Tire-Smokin’ Showdown
At the Iranian muscle car rally.
Unexpurgated Mark Twain
Finally, 100 years after his death.
5 hearty concoctions for guys that can be prepared by guys.
Want To Be in a Better Mood?
Margaret Durst on how to do it.