LewRockwell.com – November 11, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010
Tea Party Fraud
Butler Shaffer on the true nature of the latest gang of political scam artists.
Klaatu Obama Nikto
Gary North on a prescient movie, and why the US warfare-welfare state is coming down.
Thank a Vet?
Why in the world would Laurence Vance want to do that?
What They’re Really Looking For
Claire Wolfe on the TSA porno-scanners.
A Veteran Worth Celebrating
H.R. Curtis on St. Martin of Tours.
TSA Resistance Taking Off
Are the elitist airlines worried yet, asks Robert Wenzel.
Prelude to the Coming ‘Bank Holiday’?
Numerous ATM outages teach us to hold plenty of cash for protection, says Mac Slavo.
TSA Jerk Alert
As if banning toner cartridges will make us safer. Article by David Parker Brown.
Weimar, Zimbabwe, Bankerica
Bernanke threatens the whole world. Article by Robert Higgs.
Election Postmortem: What’s Different?
Charles Hugh Smith has 8 reasons on why the answer is “not much.”
The Absurdity of Central Planning
Bill Bonner demonstrates with a trip down memory lane.
The Evils of Trackable, Traceable Microchipped Drugs
Even the cops could know what you’re taking, says Mike Adams.