LewRockwell.com – November 10, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Wealth for Wall Street, Poverty for the People
Charles Goyette on bank-mafia boss Bernanke.
Ron Paul for Chairman
A podcast with Lew Rockwell on auditing the gold, and giving the Fed and the banksters a hotfoot.
No More Treasury Debt Purchases?
If foreign governments say No, and Gary North thinks they will, it’s bullish for commodities.
Trade Deficits Are Irrelevant
Those who whine about them are baloney-merchants, says Walter Williams.
We’ve Got an Opt-Out!
Chris Manion on a tale of the near future.
Conspiracy Theory
Jesse Ventura takes on Wall Street and Goldman Sachs.
The Molestation Pat-Down
Why TSA prison-guards are making it as nasty as possible.
End of the Statist Quo
Big government is a dying institution. Article by David Galland.
Invasion of the Body Scanners
John Whitehead on more tales of terror from the unfriendly skies.
So Long, Dollar
Jeff Fisher on its death by Fed.
Three Sheets to the Wind
The meaning and origin of the nautical slang we use every day.
Another Gift of the State
The homeland mini-drone, spying on people the government dislikes. Can assassination be far behind?