LewRockwell.com – November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Fluoride Is Poison
As all the latest mainstream research shows, says Don Miller, MD.
The Republicans Are Useless
The US is headed for inevitable bankruptcy, says David Stockman.
Political Ratholes
Gary North on Meg Whitman and us.
Welcome To India, Obama Sahib
But here’s a little realism for you, says Eric Margolis.
Let’s Attack Iran!
Lindsey of Persia calls us to the battle. Article by Fred Reed.
Resist Naked Scanners and Groping
Or these vicious invasions of privacy, which do nothing for “security,” will just get worse.
The State Is Not Anti-Corruption
It just wants to monopolize it. Article by Will Grigg.
Subvert the TSA Porno State
Bob Barr has an idea for our own hero-pilot, Mike Roberts.
Battle of the Oligarchs
Robert Wenzel on Soros and Koch (and Glenn Beck).
14 Pieces of Bad Economic News
That you might not want to read standing up.
The Creation of the State
Franz Openheimer on the six stages of evil.
Caveman Comfort Food
A hunk of red meat calms the stressed-out guy.