LewRockwell.com – November 8, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010
How To Protect Yourself and Your Family
From the dirty feel-ups and naked photos of the TSA. Article by Michael Roberts.
Prove You Aren’t Phonies
Jim Ostrowski writes to Tea Partying elected officials.
What’s Stopping a Revolution
Gerald Celente on the alarming state of the nation.
Dear Dollar, I’ve Found Someone Else
Hope we can still be friends. Article by Arthur Krolman.
Stop Stonewalling Me, US Air
You owe every mother an answer on children and the porno scanners, says Kathryn Muratore.
Scarce Commodities and the High Price of Gold
Anthony Wile interviews Rick Rule.
Pardon Me While I Yawn
Or gnash my teeth. Laurence Vance on Republican déjà vu.
How the Government Lies About Its High Inflation
Robert Wenzel on Nixon, the Fed, and Tricky Dick Krugman.
Abolish Childhood
Or at least the government-distorted version. Article by Barry Kuzay.
Will the GOP Cease Its Knavish Tricks?
It should be Chairman Ron Paul, says Michael Tennant, but will it?
That ‘Worldwide Terrorist Threat’
Is it just another neocon lie?
Green Baloney
Algorean products are a costly hoax. Article by Alan Caruba.