LewRockwell.com – November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010
Why I Gave Up on the Right-Wing
Murray Rothbard on militarism, police power, and the corporate state.
The Federal Porno-Abuse Ring
Bill Anderson on the TSA.
Modern Art: a Neocon-CIA Scam
US spies subverted Western painting.
TSA Announces New Screening Procedure
Chris Sullivan on rams and ewes.
Revisionist History
It’s essential to liberty. Article by Anthony Gregory.
All Hat and No Cattle
Will that be the story of the Republicans again?
The Melting Empire
Tom Luongo on the imperial demise.
Compromise? What Compromise?
About taxes, Obamacare, invading our privacy? Forget it, says Mac Slavo.
While Gold Fights the Political and Financial War
Silver’s gains could be breathtaking. says Jim Willie.
Puffy, Bloated, Swollen?
10 natural ways to avoid the inflammation landmine. Article by Mark Sisson.
There Is No Water Shortage
There never has been, from ancient times to the present day, says Tim Ball.
A Modern Tool for Treating Chronic Health Problems
Margaret Durst on ancient Chinese medicine.