LewRockwell.com – November 3, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
The Victory of Liberty
Murray Rothbard on libertarian strategies.
Lee Harvey Oswald Was Indeed a Patsy
A Lew Rockwell podcast with former FBI agent Don Adams on the coup in Dallas.
There Is a Revolution Coming
Against State handouts, so-called entitlements. Article by Gary North.
Why Is Jonah Goldberg Still Respectable?
Except in these precincts, of course. Article by C.J. Maloney.
Imperial Gangbangers
The Outlaws are far more reputable than the Pentagon gang, says Will Grigg.
Bye, Bye Miss American Lie
Robert Higgs on the death of the dollar, and our economic friends and enemies.
The New Internet Privacy Threat
Paul Green on exactly how to block it.
Radio Free Neocon
Justin Raimondo on tax-funded war lying.
The Golden Promotion
The Daily Bell on the elites’ manipulation of the precious metals markets.
The Eerie Calm Before the Storm
Will the US economy ever recover from the Fed’s coming rounds of money printing?
Currency Wars and the End of Dollar Hegemony
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on QE2.
Disaster Ahead
Don’t retire, don’t get sick, don’t trust the feds, and don’t sell your gold says Bill Bonner.