LewRockwell.com – November 2, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Virginia’s Black Confederates
Time for some un-PC history the Washington Post doesn’t want to hear, says Walter Williams.
Why Is Jonah Goldberg Still Around?
Karen Kwiatkowski on the chickenhawk who wants (somebody else) to murder Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.
Military Welfare for the Totaliban
Ron Paul on anti-Iranian meddling in cahoots with the dictatorial, fundamentalist Saudis.
Hey, Republican Samurai
You want wars? Then it’s time for a war tax, not more Fed printing, says Eric Margolis.
A Good Way To Spend a Slow Afternoon
South of the border. Article by Fred Reed.
Spying, Lying, Assassinating, Bribing
Robert Higgs on $80 billion in US “intelligence.”
I Don’t Trust the Tea Party
It’s just a variant of the current regime. Article by Allan Stevo.
How High Can Silver Go?
It’s selling at 50% of its all time high, says Jim Rogers. Article by Kevin McElroy.
Ron Paul Triumphant
A history of modern anti-interventionism, by Justin Raimondo.
Nude X-Rays From the Government
What you need to know about the irradiating naked airport scanners.
Is the US a Fascist Police State?
Yes, says Gonsalo Lira, who’s lived under two.
It’s Unnecessary, Ineffective, Even Dangerous
Don’t get a flu shot, says Joseph Mercola.