LewRockwell.com – November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010
A Political ‘Jersey Shore’ Reality Show
Gerald Celente on campaign 2010.
The State Is Distilled Violence
Advocates of liberty may not use such an evil tool. Article by Butler Shaffer.
The Walt Disney Company vs. My Children
Arthur Krolman protests a corporate shill for the porno state.
A Libertarian Pledge to America
Laurence Vance on the minimum we can accept.
TSA Groping Gets Worse
What’s next? Article by Raven Clabough.
A Modest Proposal
Cut the federal budget by 10%; everything, says Chris Manion.
Where Silver Goes From Here
Up! Ron Holland interviews David Morgan.
The Tea Party of Babel
Paul Gottfried on a chaotic and ultimately useless movement.
Precious Metals, Market Corrections, QE2
Here’s what Marc Faber sees coming. Article by Dian L. Chu.
American Dark Side
A history, from Peter Dale Scott and Robert Parry.
Crime Is Making a Comeback in the US
12 stats that underscore the need to be armed and ready.
We’re Mad as Hell
But will there be a major change in DC after the elections? Of course not.