LewRockwell.com – October 29, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010
Forget the Constitution
It was a trick the first time. Our hope is secession, says Kirkpatrick Sale.
Hyperinflation Is Arriving
Gonsalo Lira on the scary signs.
What Can We Expect From the Republicans?
David Gordon on their true and rotten ideology.
Insider Stock Sell-Off
They’re jumping ship before it hits the iceberg, says Mac Slavo.
A Fed Hoodlum Came to My School
Mike Rozeff on how he reacted.
JFK’s Murder
The last key witness is found. Article by Roland Michael Tremblay.
Want Freedom? Repeal Pot Prohibition
Just as alcohol prohibition was repealed. Article by Paul Armentano and Richard Evans.
What Would Mises Do?
Robert Wenzel on the sound money Ludwig von Mises vs. inflatocon Milton Friedman.
What Does the Big Bank Death Spiral Mean?
TARP-2 bailout, QE2, and a higher gold price, says Jim Willie.
Sharpen Your Weather Forecasting Skills
By utilizing nature’s telltale signs.
Survival Medicine
Are expired drugs and other medications safe, effective? Article by Cynthia Koelker.