LewRockwell.com – October 28, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010
The Elections Won’t Change Anything
But it will be interesting to watch QE2, QE3, QE4 following the games, says Marc Faber.
Imagine: a Pro-Capitalist Movie From Hollywood
Jeff Tucker on the amazing Social Network.
30 Reasons People Are Getting Very Nervous
About the failing US economy.
Can Feds, Cops, and Private Bad Guys Hack Your Smartphone?
It’s easier than you think, says Mark Nestmann.
In the Battle for Internet Freedom
We cannot get a free lunch from the hackers, says Paul Rosenberg.
How Might Makes Right
In American history and politics, anyway. Article by Joe Sobran.
Criminal Political Fallacies
These dangerous old myths seem evergreen. Article by Tom Sowell.
Monsters and Banksters
Is there a difference? Article by Michael Hudson.
The Moral Case Against Social Security
The Rev. Francis Mahaffy on why he opted out. Intro by Gary North.
Don’t Put Frozen Peas on Your Black Eye
Or any other injury. Cold slows healing.
149 MPH in 4.9 Seconds
Would you ride the fastest roller-coaster in the world?
Switch on Your Youth and Longevity Genes
Cut out the carbs, says Jerome Burne.