LewRockwell.com – October 25, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010
‘Heroic Government Firefighters’?
Not quite, says Steve Greenhut, of the tax-eating stand-arounds.
The Origin of the Naked Scanners
In the pentagram and the murder-industrial complex. Article by Robert Wenzel.
How To Get Rid of NPR
For good. Article by Gary North.
Bashing Some Zombies
Tom Woods on anti-Nullification bigots.
Since I Won’t Vote for a Sociopath
I can’t vote, says David Calderwood.
I Dare Paul Krugman
To debate Bob Murphy, says Jeff Harding.
It’s Going To Be the End of Us All
If the trade war continues, says Jim Rogers.
The Fannie-Freddie-Bankster Conspiracy
And your mortgage. Article by Gary Barnett.
Sorry-Ass Lawyers in the Cubicles of DC
Fred Reed prefers the people of West Virginia.
The Pledge Against America
Laurence Vance on Republican hypocrites.
What Flax Seed Oil Can Do For You
It’s a natural wonder for every part of your body, says Margaret Durst.