LewRockwell.com – October 22, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010
The Fascist on the Dime
Lew Rockwell on the mystery of FDR unraveled.
Why I Do Not Vote
Butler Shaffer on another government trick.
California Beats France
Karen De Coster on wine.
Naked Scans of My Children
Hey, Disney, are you complicit?, asks Arthur Krolman.
The ‘Good,’ the Bad, and the Ugly
Doug Casey on US presidents.
Conservative Hypocrites
Laurence Vance on transforming Obamacare into Republicare.
Does Formal Education Make You Stupid?
J.S. Kim on the astounding failure of the elitist-run US college system.
Confessions of a Right-Wing Peacenik
Joe Sobran on crimes we tend to forget are criminal, because the government sanctions them.
Wall Street Banks Have Found a New Way To Strangle Us
Buying property tax liens and jacking up what you “owe.”
It’s the new Big Lie from the Algoreans, says James Delingpole.
Has Doomsday Been Postponed?
The Mayan calendar conversion may be off by 50 to 100 years, says Mac Slavo.
The Easy Way To Slim Down
Get six to eight hours of sleep every night, says Joseph Mercola.