REALITY REPORT #66 – Child Abduction Update

http://RealityReport.TV | | In this episode of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi reports from Dover, New Hampshire where Jonathan Irish is fighting to get his child back from protective services. Gary is joined by Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers to discuss the group’s part in the whole situation. He also takes the temperature from the attendees of the rally outside the court house to find out what they think of the child abduction. Also, Jonathan Irish, Stephanie Taylor and baby Cheyenne invite Gary into their home for an exclusive interview. Nina has the headlines including a microchip implant that may cause cancer, a recently uncovered federal document that encourages CIA agents to spy on your Facebook page, and how medical officials are now admitting a link between the H1N1 vaccine and a deadly nerve disease. Gary puts a new twist on the Enemy of the State, and we ask you, do you think child protective services do more harm to a family than good?