LewRockwell.com – October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010
Hey, TSA: No Naked Photos, and No Groping Me, Either
Airline pilot Mike Roberts has had it.
One Nation, Under God
And its child soldiers. Article by C.J. Maloney.
Mining Statism
Matt Kaney on scheming pols, the evil of nationalism, and the Chilean rescue.
The Next Big Short: US Treasury Bonds?
Eric Englund on the federal government’s crooked accounting.
The Fed’s a Reverse Robin Hood
The central bank is stealing from the peasants to give to the rich, say Marc Faber and Jim Rogers.
Economics in One Article
I, Pencil, by Leonard Read.
US Financial Imperialism
Michael Hudson on the machinations of the Fed, the Treasury, and the banks against the world.
If the SHTF
M.D. Creekmore on the four most likely events.
When the American War State Goes Down
How old will you be? Article by Tom Engelhardt.
Broke, Jobless, in Debt
85% of college grads are moving back home, says Mac Slavo.
Silver’s Major Price Breakout
Bill Downey also talks about how the metal has been manipulated.
Want To Play Pool Like Minnesota Fats?
Learn the basics, practice, and beware sharks and hustlers, says James Bringman.