LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition October 16-17, 2010

Weekend Edition, October 16-17, 2010
Should You Shoot a ‘Child’?
When he’s a gun-toting carjacker who says he’s going to kill you? Article by Karen De Coster.
The Verdict of the Gold Market on the US Elections
‘So what?’ Article by Charles Goyette.
End the Fed and Get the Gold
Gary North’s two-part plan to restore America.
The State vs. the Internet
The enemy is on the move. What are we doing? Article by Paul Rosenberg.
They Hate Us Because We’re Just So Nice
Paul Craig Roberts on the real nature of the “war on terror.”
Welcome to Fascist-Land, Friend Citizen
Or does the brown-shirtization of your country bother you? Article by Tom Luongo.
Colossal Foreclosure Fraud
Can it rip the economy to shreds?
What’s in the Bible
Allan Stevo on applying anti-Muslim smears to Christians and Jews.
Men, Angels, and the State
Robert Higgs on false justifications for government violence.
You’d Have To Be Crazy Not To Own Gold
Peter Schiff on why he believes it will be 1-to-1 with the Dow. Article by Olivier Ludwig.
Suburban Survival
10 basic requirements for getting through a crisis.
It’s the Kiss of Death
Don’t do mouth-to-mouth when administering CPR. Article by Sophie Borland.