LewRockwell.com – October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010
A Gang of Thieves Writ Large
Murray N. Rothbard on the anatomy of the state.
We Have a Bright Future
If the federal government defaults on its debts, says Gary North.
Ron and Lyin’ Larry
Ron Paul vs. yet another MSNBC scamster.
Housing Death Spiral
Gonzalo Lira on mortgage ruin. NB: Bad language.
Global-Warming Fraud
The tide begins to turn. Article by James Delingpole.
Expatriation, Debt, and Taxes
Mark Nestmann clears up some common misconceptions.
Red-Light Cameras Are a Trojan Horse
They’re greasing the skids for many camera-based oppression schemes.
We Are Getting Poorer
10 reasons why the latest economic numbers bring even more bad news.
A $2,000,000.000,000.00 False-Flag Event
The Fed pulled it off and will get away with it and more, says Barry Ferguson.
Why We Love Upperclass Dramas
Especially of the early 20th century. Article by Harry Mount.
Are Humans Designed To Live on Grains and Refined Sugar?
No, since they make us fatter and sicker, says Mark Sisson.