LewRockwell.com – October 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Ron Paul for Executor
When the Fed goes bust. Article by James Grant.
Arrogant, Ignorant, Hypocritical
Eric Margolis on the American empire. A podcast with Lew Rockwell.
Government Disrupts and Destroys
Never believe a word it says, says Butler Shaffer.
How Would Child Abuse Be Handled in an Anarchist Society?
Walter Block debates Michael Fleischer.
Criminal Injustice
Jeff Tucker on the government criminal justice system.
Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart
The Mogambo Guru on our one-legged economy.
Regime Propaganda Makes Me Laugh
Chris Bray on the latest Time Magazine smear.
Quantitative Easing?
Make that Quantitative Looting, says Jeff Fisher.
Invisible Victims
Of the NTSB, the FDA, and the entire alphabet from Hell. Article by Walter Williams.
What Is Wrong With Muslims?
They don’t want to be bombed, starved, invaded, and occupied by the Pentagon. Or have dictators installed by the CIA. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
The Struggle Over Pipelineistan
China is winning, and rightly so, say Pepe Escobar and Tom Engelhardt.
The Incredibly Cheap, Great-Tasting Health Powerhouse
Joseph Mercola on what just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can do for you.