LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, October 9-10, 2010

Weekend Edition, October 9-10, 2010
The Junk Bond Future of the US Treasury
Gary North on what Bernanke really said.
Middle-Class Bombthrowers
They’re telling the banks to go fish, so to speak. Article by Gonzalo Lira. NB: Some bad language.
Another ‘Get Our of Jail Free’ Card for the Banksters?
Legislation to absolve them of foreclosure fraud. Article by Tyler Durden.
Theft, Brutality, Misconduct
Bill Anderson on American justice.
Guns, Weed, and Other Freedoms
An update on states’ rights nationwide.
Are Insider Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship?
12 ominous signs for world financial markets.
A Great Waste of Time
Jack Hunter puts politics in its place.
Government Worms Threaten the World
Doug Casey’s cybersecurity guy on some very bad news.
School Is a Liar’s World
Let’s be done with it, says John Taylor Gatto.
Filthy Rich Government Retirees
In the UK, as in the US, ex-government agents live far too well for far too long.
Your Winter Indoor Vegetable Garden
Growing one is a critical survival skill.
The Real Fountain of Youth?
Bodybuilding protein powder can add ten good years, says Fiona McCrae.