LewRockwell.com – October 4, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010
A Politically Incorrect (That is, Truthful) Translation
Robert Wenzel on that federal terrorism warning.
Are You a Neo-Marxist?
If so, you’re no better than a neo-Nazi, though you have better press. Article by Joe Sobran.
I Despise Krugman
He is more than wrong, says Gonzalo Lira.
1099 Supply Shock
How the market for gold and silver coins will shift with the evil regulation. Article by Jeff Lewis.
Financial Warfare
Damon Vrabel on the failure of US military leadership.
The Cult of Forced Schooling
John Taylor Gatto on a conspiracy against ourselves.
Jim Grant Appoints Ron Paul Executor of the Fed
Because just as the Fed has destroyed the economy, it will in turn be destroyed.
Taking Advantage of an Easily Corrupted System
How the DC zombie-class thrives. Article by Bill Bonner.
I Don’t Even Recognize This Country Anymore
And I am sure it does not recognize me, says Don Cooper.
Top Investment Picks?
For Peter Schiff it’s silver, but how about lithium and uranium.
We Are Being Fleeced
Simon Jenkins on government fearmongers.
33 Tips and Tricks
For getting a good night’s sleep. Article by Joseph Mercola.