LewRockwell.com – October 1, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010
80,000 Layoffs Coming on Wall Street
No bonuses for those still hanging on. Article by Robert Wenzel.
Why Gold Is Rising
And the dollar is not. Article by Gary North.
‘My Country, Right or Wrong’
What, are you crazy? Doug Casey on the Tea Party.
Shill for the Corporate State
Murray Sabrin encounters Paul Krugman.
Why Are the Climategate Charlatans Still Walking Around Free?
Or Algore, for that matter, asks Alan Caruba.
Obama’s War Against the Pakistanis
It’s now open and very, very dangerous, says Jack Douglas.
A Real October Surprise
The Cuban missile crisis and the election of 1962. Article by Rhodes Cook.
Phony Money and Fractional Reserves
Mike Maloney tells a bankster convention what they don’t want to hear.
The Forever Fighters
Tom Engelhardt on the criminal gang of war.
Will the Dollar Rebound?
Or just be dissolved into a global currency. Article by Eric Blair.
The Ultimate Cram Down
You’re on the receiving end of the biggest in history. Article by Chris Kitze.
Depression, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADD?
Fix your broken brain by healing your body. Article by Joseph Mercola.