REALITY REPORT #63 – Constitutionalists Under Siege

http://RealityReport.TV | | In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary dissects a recent article by a writer at the Economist slamming Constitutionalists. He takes an in-depth look at genetically modified foods with the help of “Common Sense Revisited” author Clyde Cleveland and Jeffrey Smith, author of “Genetic Roulette.” Nina has the run down in this week’s headlines. She discusses how S. 3804, the ‘Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act’ could affect your internet surfing, how the Pentagon is trying to ban books, and why the Patriot Act doesn’t just apply to terrorism. All of this plus a dip into the Mailbag to reveal the shocking answers to the previous Question of the Week, and a new Enemy of the State.