Leading Social Networking Site Teams with Startup to Take on Capitol Hill


Leading Social Networking Site Teams with Startup to Take on Capitol Hill

A stand alone website is born to use a new tool to wake up Congress on the

By, Angie Ress, Staff Writer, RestoreTheRepublic.com

 CHICAGO — The leading social networking website of the “Freedom Movement”, RestoreTheRepublic.com, who are proponents of small government, sound money, and accountability in Washington D.C. announced today they have formed a partnership with startup venture GripeGenie. According to a May press release, “GripeGenie is designed to be the ultimate advocate of people who want to be heard and make a difference.”

Gary Franchi, National Director of RestoreTheRepublic.com, commented “For years I have looked for a cost effective solution to bypass the mailbox of Congress so our members voices could be heard, and I feel GripeGenie’s model utilizing FAX technology is the answer.”

Ali Rizvi, CEO of GripeGenie, stated, “We’re proud to partner with RestoreTheRepublic.com and to be able to provide their membership the ultimate online tool to reach the folks in Congress.”

Franchi, who is also a filmmaker and video journalist, plans to launch the collaborative joint venture with GripeGenie as a new stand alone website at PatriotResponse.com who’s subtitle is “Freedom is a FAX Blast Away.”

Speaking about the new online tool Rizvi claimed, “We packed in a lot of functionality in a four step process. Select the receiving end in Congress using our unique selection tool. Compose your message on our simple form. Preview it. Send it.”

“Our members have pressing issues that Congress needs to address, and through targeted nationwide campaigns on the issues I hope we can force them into the national spotlight by flooding D.C. with Faxes.” Franchi was speaking directly of the countless bailouts initiated by the Federal Reserve system, “We need to end the Federal reserve system and get back to sound monetary principles and congress is going to hear from us now” he continued.

“We look forward with great anticipation the grand opening of PatriotResponse.com,”  Rizvi concluded.

PatriotResponse.com is scheduled to launch in October.

About RestortTheRepublic.com:
Restore the Republic was co-founded by Gary Franchi and the late Hollywood
producer Aaron Russo who created such classic films as “Trading Places” starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd and “The Rose” with Bette Midler. The website is the legacy group formed in response to the success of Russo’s final film, “America: Freedom to Fascism.” Aside from directing the organizations national efforts, Franchi keeps his members informed by hosting the popular weekly show, “The Reality Report,” at RealityReport.TV.


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