LewRockwell.com – September 27, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Unreasonable and Frankly Dictatorial Tax hazards of a US passport.
10 Reasons To Assert Your Rights Against government travel functionaries. Article by Karl Lukacs.
Bloody Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt Kevin Cullinane on A Century of War.
Is the Green Gestapo Snooping in Your Trash? It’s all part of big brother’s police state control grid, funded by the stimulus.
Federal Restrictions on Our Gun Rights Sickening, but there’s much fertile ground for “change.”
The Empty Child
John Taylor Gatto on the lasting effects of public school.
Genocide, Destruction, Terror, Contamination by Depleted Uranium The US war on Iraq is one of history’s greatest crimes, says Stephen Lendman.
Fake Conversions
Of the political kind. Article by Jim Fedako.
Good for the Martians! According to retired Air Force officers, UFOs hampered US WMD.
The Top Ten Lessons What you can learn from Wall Street movies. Then read Mises and Rothbard.
Has Your Doctor Ordered a Cancer-Causing Procedure? Over-prescribed CT scans and x-rays pose horrible health risks, says Joseph Mercola.