LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition September 25-26, 2010

Weekend Edition, September 25-26, 2010

I Am Detained by the Feds for Not Answering Questions
An inspiring lesson with a happy ending, from Paul Karl Lukacs.
A Red-Alert Threat to the Regime
Gary North on Ron Paul’s gold audit.
25 Years Ago, the Cops Tried To Kill Me
Seth Williamson on a lesson in government.
The Bargain Investment of the Century?
The Mogambo Guru on silver.
The US Is a Police State
It’s official, says Paul Craig Roberts.
The First 100 Items To Disappear
Stocking up for survival, or barter.
Each Crisis Is Worse, Each Bubble Is Bigger
Bernanke should resign, and government must get out of the economy, says Marc Faber.
I’m Fed Up
Gary Barnett on constitution worship.
The Bastard Child
Of the mother of all bubbles. Article by Jim Quinn.
Shut Up! You’re Disturbing the Elite
Keith Johnson on the strategy to stifle dissent in America.
Yearning for a Deadly Hurricane
Tim Ball on how the MSM and government deliberately distort the weather.
10 Things You Probably Don’t Know
Mark Sisson on fine-tuning your immune system to ward off illness.