LewRockwell.com – September 24, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Americans Distrust Authority So authority freaks out. Article by Tom Woods.
Bedbugs of the State Jeff Tucker on the decivilizing effects of government.
US Printing Presses at Warp Speed In secret. Article by Gonzalo Lira.
Repudiate the National Debt Doug Casey on why that makes sense, and the only sense.
Survival Is Also About Earning a Living Smart advice from a prepper who started in 1978.
The Monetary and Banking System Is Wrecking Us It’s deeply immoral, says Shawn Ritenour.
The Myth of Limited Government Moshe Kroy on Rand vs. Rothbard.
Burglar Downstairs? Where’s your gun? Article by Howard Pease.
As Poverty Spreads, Crime Will Not Be Far Behind 20 signs that the economic collapse has hit one out of seven of us.
Why Corvettes Cost Less Than college. Article by Justin Rohrlich.
Why Study Latin? Because – for just one reason – no other language has had so much influence, for so long, on our culture.
A Primitive and Dangerous Dental Product The truth about mercury fillings, which your dentist may not know. Article by Joseph Mercola.