LewRockwell.com – September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Who Are the Real Experts on Gold?
And the real losers? Article by Gary North.
The Hot Topic at the UN
Gold. Article by Robert Wenzel.
No Law? No Warrant?
No problem! Article by Will Grigg.
How High Will Gold Go This Fall?
Jeff Clark on the major price surges since 2001.
One Bank To Rule Them All
Tom Luongo on our fainting-goat economy.
Had Enough Corruption and Demagoguery?
Then you want the world of profit and loss, says Walter Williams.
What Really Sank the Titanic
The incompetence covered up for 98 years is revealed.
Debasement Is Not Just a Damp Room Under Your House
Michael Johnson on the English language vs. American lingo creep.
The Murky Language of Lies
Jeff Harding deciphers the Fed’s latest report on the “recovery.”
The Rise of Iran
The Daily Bell on US wars and the Middle East.
No Drugs Needed
There are many ways to reduce your cholesterol naturally, says Margaret Durst.