Majority of Voters Give Lip Service Support to “Third Party”

Ballot Access News reports, “A CBS News poll finds that 54% of Americans say the U.S. needs a new political party, whereas 42% say two parties is enough.“ The CBS News poll also found that 34% of registered voters questioned believe that “their own member of Congress deserves re-election.“ And,

“Asked about most members of Congress, voters are even harsher: just 12 percent say they deserve reelection, while 78 percent want someone new. Those figures are similar to findings in 2006, when Democrats took control of Congress, as well as 1994, when Republicans took over.

The approval rating for Congress, meanwhile, stands at a lowly 21 percent, down four points from 2006. Seventy percent disapprove of the job Congress is doing.“

Some people may look at these poll results with optimism, thinking that many members of Congress will be defeated in the upcoming election. However, if one looks at recent elections they will see that since 1996, at least 94.5% of members of the House of Representatives have been reelected, with an average of 96.8% being reelected and 89% of Representatives returning to the House (accounting for retiring members or those resigning to run for another office). The “odd year” of 1994 when the Republican party took mid-term control of the House, saw 89.9% of House members reelected and 79.8% of House members returning (accounting for retiring members or those resigning to run for another office) – of a total 435 House members; 386 House members sought reelection, 347 were reelected. This year, 435 House members 396 are seeking reelection.

The report continues,

“Most – 57 percent – said a candidate’s support for the stimulus bill made no difference in their vote. Nineteen percent said it made them more likely to vote for the candidate, and 22 percent said it made them less likely.

On the health care bill, 28 percent said a candidate’s support made them more likely to vote for that candidate, while an identical percentage said it made them less likely to vote for him or her. Forty-one percent said it made no difference.“

I find it interesting that CBS News didn’t ask whether supporting TARP would affect a voters decision. Or has CBS News and the average voter already forgotten about TARP? The CBS News poll also found, “22% of voters describe themselves as “angry” and that most angry voters say they will vote for Republicans in November…54 percent of Americans say their country needs a new political party.” Many people when asked will give lip service to supporting a “third party” yet when election day rolls around will slip into the same old routine they’re accustomed to and support the “lesser evil” instead of voting for the (sometimes) ballot listed “third” choice.