LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, September 18-19, 2010

Weekend Edition, September 18-19, 2010
‘We’re All Freakin’ Doomed’
Uh-oh. Greenspan is sounding like the Mogambo Guru, says Gary North.
Good News About Castro and Cuba
Doug Casey on capitalist opportunities on the beautiful island, and why Cubans are indeed far healthier than Americans.
The Bailout of America.com
Peter Schiff on Japanese intervention.
Was ‘Stagflation’ Actually Hyperinflation?
Is that what we face again? Article by Gonsalvo Lira.
Was Edgar Allen Poe an Austro-Libertarian?
Ira Katz on the case of The Purloined Letter.
Household Net Worth Plunges
While government debt surges, and the Fed focuses on ramping-up stock prices, says Tyler Durden.
Do You Question Authority, Fail To Accept Conventional Wisdom?
The government psychiatrist will see you now. Article by Mark Nestmann.
15 Shocking Poverty Statistics
The American middle class is being slowly wiped out.
Karl Rove Goes Postal
What fun! Article by Pat Buchanan.
My Name Is Austin. I Hate Underage Drinking Laws
Austin Post, age 20, on our vicious and puritanical alcohol policies.
Baseball, Apple Pie, and Torture
The new American value.
The Fingernail Health Check-Up
Margaret Durst on what your fingernails reveal, and the natural solutions.