REALITY REPORT #60 – Obama’s Iraq Bushism

http://RealityReport.TV | | In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi points out Obama’s latest Iraq War Bushism and welcomes We Are Change Founder Luke Rudkowski to the show. Nina breaks down the headlines including Homeowners Associations restricting Gadsden Flags, the Blogger Shakedown of Righthaven LLC, the recent Emergency Declaration in North Carolina that suspended the 2nd Amendment and how Blackwater Security used shell corporations to acquire tax payer money. The viewers answer whether or not the World Trade Center was a Controlled demolition in the mailbag and keep watching to see the viewer pick for this week’s Enemy of the State. Be sure to leave your answers to the Question of the Week ; below in the comments, or email us at Check out our facebook fan page for the latest discussions on hot issues!