Lew Rockwell Monday,September 13,2010

Monday,September 13, 2010
Three Steps to Your Monetary Freedom
Neither the Fed nor legal tender laws can stop you, says Richard C. B. Johnsson.
Ginning Up Muslim Terrorism
Will Grigg on a peek into how the feds do it.
‘Lone Nuts’ Killed Famous Gold Dealers
Was there a CIA connection? Article by Robert Wenzel.
How To Vote This November
If you’re an Austro-anarchist, it’s easy, says Robert Eschauzier.
Hail, Caesar
Mike Tennant on national emergencies and presidential dictatorship.
War Worship
Anthony Gregory on collectivism and hate.
Nine Years Later, Many Questions Remain
About the true identities of the 09/11/01 perpetrators, says Robert Bridge.
Crazed Credit Card Debt
Jim Quinn on phony retail prosperity and the depression.
Like All Central Governments
The EU is a power-crazed tyranny. Break it up.
How To Cook the Perfect Steak
It’s just a few easy steps to red-meat nirvana, says Mark Sisson.