Stop! Please don’t tell me …

that it’s not made in a log cabin. Log Cabin Syrup, that is.

by: Jim Fedako

Seems the good state of Vermont is afraid consumers will confuse Log Cabin All Natural syrup with 100% maple syrup.

“The FDA said it does not have a definition for ‘natural.’”

At issue is the “natural” claim. Reminds me of an exchange I heard during a session of my local zoning appeals board. The board members demanded that the developer before the board use natural exteriors as defined in the code. In particular, the board members did not want the developer to use composite wood. They suggested stucco as a “natural” alternative. The developer stood his ground and calmly noted, “Stucco is no more natural than composite wood.”

We do not need a federal definition of natural. We can all read the ingredients listed on the label and decide for ourselves what satisfies our subjective definitions of natural.

While Log Cabin All Natural Syrup is made from “natural” ingredients, it is not 100% maple syrup — it’s not made in a log cabin either.

And we do not need the state to tell us the obvious.

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