Lew Rockwell Weekend Edition, September 11-12, 2010

Weekend Edition, September 11-12, 2010
America Is Not a Normal Country
It is a death-dealing empire abroad, a soft-fascist regime at home. Article by Anthony Gregory.
What’s Holding Gold Back?
Here’s Peter Schiff’s theory.
We Know Only 7 Things About 9/11/01
Meanwhile, questions mount, says Eric Margolis.
Amidst the Coming Tensions and War
Marc Faber says it’s important to own some physical gold.
We All Know the Cause of ‘Islamic’ Terrorism
And US invasions and mass killings are irrelevant. Article by Jim Cox.
Face It: DC Will Never Be Cool
After all, NYC is about creativity. DC is about the sellout. Article by Robert Wenzel.
The Christian Libertarian on Sunday
Norman Horn on promoting peace in your church.
More Lies for More War
The drive for Iranian murder.
Traders, Guns, and Money
A comic exposé of the culture, games, and pure deceptions with other people’s money, by Satyajit Das.
The Militarization of Hollywood
Unlocking the “Hurt Locker” propaganda. Article by Jack A. Smith.
The Art of Gambling
Sharks vs. gentlemen. Article by Christatos Aristad.
Silver Medicine
The history and resurgence of the precious metal’s health use.