Easy Internet Privacy

by: Paul Green

For most people, technology is like a car – they just want to use it, they don’t want to be an engineer.

Here, I’m going to cherry pick the easiest and most useful ways I know to communicate and use the internet privately. My earlier article “Practical Internet Privacy” was pretty low-tech; this one is as close to no-tech as possible.

Techies might quibble, but useable low to medium strength privacy is better than none. Also, the “security through obscurity” factor should not be dismissed – who is going to spend hours hacking your difficult but not impregnable email?

But I will also add some easy but optional extra strength privacy tips where relevant.

Anything from your home broadband carries with it the internet equivalent of Caller Line ID, so one privacy key is to make use of the many open, free Wi-Fi “hotspots.” Or, along with a disposable prepaid SIM card, you can even have your own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (alt.). There is some info at the end on how to use your home internet privately.

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