How the Massive Salmonella Egg Recall Could Be Used to Fight Food Dependence

Unless you haven’t been watching the news recently, there has been a massive recall of eggs going on for almost the past week now. That article adds eggs that come from two different farms and come up with the total of ~550 million eggs that are being recalled, from just two farms.

Did you note that italicized portion of that sentence back there? Over 500 million eggs being infested with salmonella from just two farms. This is just the weapon we can use in the fight for food independence; or not getting a rather large portion of our food from food companies. Those who go to chicken farms are well aware of the little distance those chickens are separated, and disease and viri can go around quickly in areas of high organic concentration. By keeping the majority of chickens in our backyards instead of clustered together in a bunch of chicken farms, we help ensure that our eggs (and chicken for that matter) stay more safe and healthy compared to those that are pinned up in the coup; just as long as the owner of said chickens can keep good care of them. This doesn’t just apply to chickens either. People that grow their own vegetables are practicing a form of food independence, as they do not have to buy them at the supermarket.