Richard Winger and Christina Tobin To Hold Sacramento Press Conference on Election Reforms

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Richard Winger and Christina Tobin To Hold Sacramento Press Conference on Election Reforms.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Richard Winger, plaintiff in the lawsuit against Senate Bill 6, and Christina Tobin, CEO and founder of Free and Equal Elections Foundation and creator, will give a press conference on the south steps of the California State Capitol, Tuesday, August 17, 10:30 a.m.

Richard Winger is publisher and editor of Ballot Access News, established in 1985, a founder of the Coalition for Free and Open Elections, COFOE, and a frequent expert witness in court proceedings and legislative hearings. He is currently providing expert support to a lawsuit against Washington state’s Top Two election system. Winger is also a Californians for Electoral Reform, CfER, board member.

The lawsuit against SB 6 will not overturn the vote on Proposition 14, as Governor Schwarzenegger and Lt. Governor Maldonado wrongly assumed. The lawsuit seeks to force the California State Legislature to fix two things before Proposition 14 is implemented.

Gautam Dutta, the attorney representing the plaintiffs in the SB 6 lawsuit, and Steve Chessin, a plaintiff of the SB 6 lawsuit and president and board member of CfER were recent guests on the Free and Equal radio show. They spoke at length about the lawsuit and related topics. That interview, starting at the 32 minute mark of the two hour show, can be heard on the Free and Equal website. Dutta recently had an article, “Why People Hate Politics”, published by the Huffington Post.

“The lawsuit Dutta, Chessin and Winger are working on against SB 6, and Winger’s involvement with the team appealing Washington’s Top Two election to the U.S. Supreme Court are important actions being taken to protect democracy in America,” Tobin said. “Free and Equal is here to help spread the word about their actions and to help their voices be heard so that we can continue to make this land a better place.”

“Right now, Governor Schwarzenegger and the California legislature need to listen to Dutta and the plaintiffs in the case against SB 6 instead of calling them names,” Tobin said. “We’ll be talking more about that, Tuesday.”

After the June 8 vote on Proposition 14, Free and Equal Elections Foundation has transformed into a nationwide educational campaign to make voters aware of all the unhealthy aspects of a Top Two election system. Articles, such as Ralph Nader’s recent “California Enshrines the Duopoly” can be found at, making it the internet hub for people interested in learning more about Top Two election systems.

In addition to producing the ongoing campaign, Free and Equal is working hard to reform election laws through involvement with lawsuits, efforts to introduce and pass legislation in several states, and with the initiative and referendum process. Free and Equal also seeks to help amplify political voices wanting to participate by organizing candidate debates.

Free and Equal has organized debates for President and Vice President, three debates for Governor in Illinois, and has a U.S. Senatorial debate scheduled, Thursday, August 19, at Northern Illinois University. Plans are also underway to hold a series of debates across the state of Calif. for the upcoming election in an effort to educate more voters about important issues.


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