Open Letter to Eric Farris

Originally posted here by Brandon Backlin

Dear Mr. Farris,

It seems that the political viewpoints of both We Are Change Branson and the Branson Tea Party seem to be pretty close to the same. We both like small governments, state sovereignty, less regulation, less entitlement programs, etc. We seem to be as open-minded as the people that attended the rally in April. Also, as you can tell by the header graphic on the main page, we are very patriotic. The next thing we’ll probably do is add a “Tea Party Patriot” button on our site with a link to yours. Since we are patriotic, we are concerned with where this country is headed. I began to get a little concerned when Bush was expanding the defense budgets during the second half of his presidency. Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither. I’m a little concerned about the constitutionality of The Patriot Act and flat out not convinced that the Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010 is constitutional. And for impartiality, I can’t say as to whether or not the Healthcare Laws are unconstitutional or not (as I don’t have time to skim through the entire thing and try to pick one out), but requiring a healthcare plan to be a citizen of this great nation seems to impede the sense of liberty, doesn’t it? And now we have financial reform that puts all kinds of new constraints on financial institutions while the government was urging those same institutions to make those risky investments in the first place. Credit is going to be hard to attain; and I have a feeling in my gut that a lot of property around here will become the property of banks; unless unemployment makes a sharp down-turn. We went over the fact that government spending can’t help keep this country afloat for long.

So, why did I write this open letter to begin with? Well, we’re asking for some affiliation. What’s our idea of affiliation? Well, if you could (as in, if you like what we put on the ‘net), advertise our site on the side of your headquarters. We can pay for a banner with our header graphic on it. You don’t have to do a thing in return; though we would like it if you pronounced our proposed affiliation a bit more.