Cisse Spragins: “A Principled Stand for Individual Liberty, Free Markets and Peace”

On August 3 voter from across the “Show Me State” will go to polls to select the nominees from not only the “two major parties” but also from the Constitution Party & Libertarian Party. Of the 17 candidates on the primary ballot for US Senate, only one candidate has the courage to say, “Reducing the size, scope and power of the federal government is the core solution to every issue we face as a nation. We must work within our present reality, but be guided by an unflinching commitment to the ideal of liberty.
As a realistic means to start down this road, I subscribe to the agenda of the DownsizeDC organization.”
There are six Downsize DC Agenda bills:

  • * The Read the Bills Act
  • * The One Subject at a Time Act
  • * The Write the Laws Act
  • * The Free Competition in Currency Act
  • * The Enumerated Powers Act
  • * The Fiscal Responsiblity Act

Missouri Libertarian Party Chair Dr. Cisse Spragins is that candidate. Dr. Spragins is campaigning on the slogan: “A Principled Stand for Individual Liberty, Free Markets and Peace.”

Dr. Spragins will work to end the war on drugs…”an expensive, unconstitutional failure. Prohibition creates a violent sub-culture where profits are high enough to kill for. Our courts and prisons are crowded with millions of non-violent offenders who could otherwise be leading productive lives, or getting real help if they do in fact have an addiction problem.” Spragins adds, “In a broader sense, we should not look to government to determine the standards of our moral behavior. Such decisions should be left to individuals and their families, churches and chosen communities.”

Dr. Spragins writes, “The three “economic sins” of government are taxation, regulation, and inflation. All three must be reduced, to create economic prosperity. Their ultimate elimination will result in the greatest prosperity for the greatest number of people…We need to remove the disadvantages of onerous and intrusive regulations and punitive taxation if we want more jobs in this country.” And “The Fed is authorized by Congress to print money out of thin air. This is how the Fed “lowers interest rates”. Each new dollar created is an invisible tax because it decreases the value of the dollars you have. I will fight to bring transparency to our monetary system and restore the strength of our currency. My ultimate goal is to end the Federal Reserve.”

Spragins supports a vast reduction in military presence around the world. “The United States has no business policing the world and we cannot afford it. I support the orderly closing of our bases in more than 150 countries around the world, and the removal of our troops. I will work to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to begin the orderly and immediate withdrawal of our troops from those countries. It is not necessary to occupy other countries to defend our nation, nor is it our right or responsibility to allegedly “spread freedom at the point of a gun”. In war, even the victor loses. We lose lives, resources and goodwill. We cannot promote the blessings of liberty and free markets at home, while executing a global military central plan abroad.”

It is my pleasure to endorse Dr. Cisse Spragins for US Senate. “There is no limit to what the human spirit can accomplish. We the People will achieve liberty when we commit ourselves to it.” Are ready to commit yourself?

In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry
Chair Boston Tea Party National Committee
Owner/Managing Editor Free Patriot Press
2016 candidate for President of the United States of America