REALITY REPORT #53 – Gun Laws Fire Back | http://RealityReport.TV | In this edition of The Reality Report, Gary goes off on Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s end run around the Supreme Courts Second Amendment ruling. The headlines include what the new Chicago gun law really entails, a new bill that looks to put full body scanners in all domestic airports, how some Democratic Governors are worried about Obama’s immigration lawsuit and a new internet spy system that wants you to be the, “Perfect Citizen.” Clint Richardson, Co-Founder of We Are Change Utah, joins Gary to talk about the 2010 Axiom Conference. Also, Tom Woods author of, “Meltdown”, sits down with Gary to discuss his new book, “Nullification.” We also have exclusive footage from last week’s Illinois Gubernatorial Debate. As always, we’ll take a dip into the Mailbag and brand a new Enemy of the State.