The Reality of Government Aggression in One Page or Less

by: Jericho McCain

Aggression is the use of force on an individual, or an individual’s property, when that person has not first aggressed against someone elses body or property.

Other forms undesirable influence are coercion, propaganda and government statutes, to name a few. I will be focusing on coercion, or the threat of violence/aggression.

At the core of all institutions of government is the threat and use of aggression against is citizens. For example, if I choose not financially support the building of a new park, I will be thrown into a cage or if I choose to defend myself by the means of self defense, I will be shot for doing nothing more than defending property which is rightfully mine. Until we realize this and start using the words such as theft, kidnapping and cage as opposed to tax, arrest and jail, we will be forever stuck in the mud as a human race.

The difference between aggression and coercion are very slight but the end results are the same. If a government agent came to ones house monthly and took money out of your wallet to fund the new government programs that our elected rulers have signed into law, it wouldn’t take long before people started to realize that government was at it’s core a violent institution and it would be abolished in no time. Because of this, governments have to hide the “gun in the room”, or hide the violent nature of the system. Rather than physically showing up and taking your money, government gives the illusion that individuals are free and that private property exists just as long as we all pay a percentage of our earnings to benefit the “greater good.” I mean, who would build the roads if government didn’t exist, right? /sarcasm

Just as government masks the use of aggression to fund itself, it further masks the use of aggression by only threatening the use of aggression. It’s quite a clever system. An individual will largely be permitted to do as he pleases without being aggressed against as long as he stays within the rule of law. This sounds fair, however, we must understand that governments do no operate under the rule of law, governments operate under the rule of force. Trying to explain that governments are based on violence/aggression to the average citizen would be similar to explaining to a fish the water that is all around it. The fish doesn’t see it, but it is always there.

If a prisoner wakes up when he’s told to, does his work as he’s told to and goes to bed when he’s told to, he likely won’t be aggressed against. However, does this mean that aggression/violence isn’t at the core of the prisoners day to day life? Obviously, it doesn’t.

Unlike those of us who live in America who are enslaved by the walls we cannot see, prisoners are enslaved by walls they can see, which obviously makes it easier to explain. Each of us will likely not be aggressed upon unless we decide to challenge the law that rules over us. If only the Jews could have seen the prison walls being erected around them in time all in the name of the law.

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