Argument for Drug Legalization in One Page or Less

by: Jericho McCain

When I suggest to someone that all drugs should be legalized, 90% of the time I am told how evil drugs are and how they lead to more crime and legalizing them would instantly turn the country into a violent hell hole. Anyone with an open mind can be shown how this is absolute nonsense. The fact that drugs are illegal doesn’t mean they will magically disappear. All it does is transfer the sale of drugs from a voluntary free market to a violent underground black market and then enforces these laws through the violent force of government. Legalizing drugs does not mean those who use drugs would not commit acts of violence, however, those who have a tendency to commit violence aren’t really concerned with drug laws in the first place.

Most people seem to confuse the advocacy of legalizing drugs with also advocating its use. I don’t advocate drug use, including alcohol and nicotine, which are somehow magically legal in this logically flawed society we live in. I also don’t know a single person who would start doing cocaine if it were legalized tomorrow or a single person who would stop using drugs if the laws were made twice as harsh tomorrow.

Those who morally object to drug legalization will generally ignore facts, logic and consistency and stick to their moral reasoning as to why drugs should remain illegal. How a person can make a moral argument against the legalization of drugs because they fear drugs will lead to violence while at the same time advocating government violence as a means to keep drugs illegal is irrational and by definition, insane. Am I the only one that see’s these things? I often feel like I’m living in some other dimension when I try to have these conversations with people.

You can’t support legislating individual choice and morality because you fear not doing so would lead to violence and also support a system that enforces these “laws” by ALSO USING VIOLENCE! Initiating violence against someone is either a good thing or a bad thing. You can’t have it both ways and expect to be considered a rational thinking person.

If you just can’t seem to grasp what I’m getting at, try walking down the street smoking crack and see if the police don’t threaten you with violence if you don’t drop the drugs or violently throw you in a cage.

Again, my argument isn’t that drugs are good. The argument is that violence is bad and people should be left alone to do as they wish until they violate someone elses life, liberty or property.

If we can’t come up with non-violent solutions to the social issues we face, we will remain fundamentally stuck as human beings. It’s time for everyone to grow up, think rationally and only support solutions to social issues that aren’t enforced at the barrel of a gun. This is not what freedom is supposed to look like.

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