Poll: 60% Say They Are Likely to Vote Independent

At USA Today, Susan Page reports that “independents are gaining favor in governors’ races” in the northeast. The article focuses exclusively on the candidacies of Eliot Cutler in Maine, Tim Cahill in Massachusetts and Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island, and devotes the most attention to Republican-turned-Independent Chafee. Page writes:

Gubernatorial candidates Cutler, Chafee and Tim Cahill of Massachusetts promise straight talk and tough love in a year when both parties are viewed unfavorably by most Americans. Sixty percent of those surveyed in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll say they are very or somewhat likely to vote for an independent candidate this fall, signaling at the least an openness to the idea.

The article provides the breakdown of the poll question in the sidebar. From the USA Today/Gallup poll:

How likely are you to vote for an independent candidate for federal or state office this year instead of a Democrat or Republican?
Very likely: 18%
Somewhat likely: 42%
Not too likely: 19%
Not at all likely 18%
No opinion: 3%

I’d like the believe these poll results but history proves that 95% (or more) of the incumbents seeking re-election will retain “their seats” and the Republicratic Duopoly will maintain 100% control of the Congress.

Adapted from Independent Political Report