Happy Independence Day! From Free & Equal

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Happy Independence Day!

Reposted from Free & Equal on July 4, 2010

This July 4th, Free & Equal celebrates Independence Day. Two hundred and thirty-four years ago our nation was born, promising a country with liberty and justice for all. Today as we watch the fireworks, we ask ourselves if this promise still rings true.

A recent Rasmussen telephone poll found that 54% of Americans still believe that the U.S. is a nation with liberty and justice for all. 34% disagreed and 11% were unsure. More than three-quarters (76%) also said that if they could live anywhere in the world, they would choose the United States of America.

What caught my attention the most was that — even though there are demographic differences over the question of liberty and justice for all — the poll concluded that:
“There is no significant difference among party lines — more than 70% of Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated adults would rather live in the U.S. than anywhere else.”

We know our country isn’t perfect, and that much remains to be done. In February, another Rasmussen poll found that only 21% of voters believe the federal government has the consent of the governed. At Free & Equal we fight every day to give voters more choices and better representation.

Yet today, whatever our political disagreements, however disappointed we may feel in our elected representatives, Americans across all party lines overwhelmingly believe the United States is the greatest nation on Earth.

Free & Equal stands with them. This is a nation of great promise and we know that promise can be fulfilled. Now is the time to unite and make it happen.

your friend and fellow American,
Christina Tobin