The Black & White Choice in Colorado: Dan Kilo for Governor

This fall Coloradans will have a choice between; more government, more taxes & more prisoners OR less government, lower taxes & fewer non-violent inmates. No, I’m not talking about a choice between Republicratic gubernatorial candidate “A” and Republicratic gubernatorial candidate “B.” There is such minuscule difference between the Republicans & Democrats that the two halves of this political duopoly should (officially) merge – as they already have in a de facto manner – into the Republicratic Party. There is another option, there is Dan Kilo, Libertarian, who says, “I can’t offer you money for your vote. They’d put me in jail for that. But I can offer something much more valuable, your freedom.”
Dan campaigns outside of courthouses and jails in Colorado passing out ‘Get Out of Jail, Free’ cards with his platform of pardoning those convicted of victimless crimes.
He posts on his website ( “So, people wonder why the card is in only in black & white. This is a no flash, no suit & ties, no cash, and no lies campaign. By reaching out to the people of Colorado that have been alienated by the police state Dan is running a purely grass roots campaign. People who have lost freedoms, money, time, livelihoods, families and more to an out of control criminal justice system could care less about flash. They just want their freedom and lives back.

And lastly, the issue is black & white: If you want more Americans behind bars then vote for the Democrats or Republicans. If you want fewer Americans behind bars then vote for your favorite Libertarian candidate.”

Though Coloradans will see 5 or 6 candidates on their ballot in November; they will ultimately have 2 choices, more freedom or less. It is my pleasure to endorse the 1 candidate that will bring more freedom to Colorado, Dan Kilo.

In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry
Chair Boston Tea Party National Committee
Managing Editor Free Patriot Press
2016 candidate for President of the United States of America