Open Letter to the FTC

Dear FTC:

I’d like to take a minute to share my thoughts regarding your upcoming “workshop” on media and journalism in the “technology age.”
I’m pleased that you admit, “Journalism is moving through a significant transition in which business models are crumbling, innovative new forms of journalism are emerging, and consumer news habits are changing rapidly.” However, I’m disturbed at some of your proposed “solutions.” Do you honestly think a $4 billion tax on consumer electronics like your TV or iPod; a $5-6 billion advertising tax; and a tax on both ISP and cell phone bills will “save” the newspaper industry? The government didn’t tax automobiles to “save” the rail industry, neither were light bulbs taxed to “save” the candle industry. The only thing these proposed taxes will do is continue an era of government bailouts of industries that are “too big to fail.” In reality “too big to fail” means “too big to be held accountable.” As an anarcho-libertarian, I reject the notion that any business or industry is too big to be held accountable.
I reject the notion that one must register with the federal government in order to use the guaranteed rights of FREE SPEECH & FREE PRESS.I reject the notion that “established” media is more credible and therefore needs to be subsidized with taxpayer funding.
If you want to ensure that people continue to get reliable accurate news and information, don’t do anything! Allow some news organizations to give away content and others to charge. Allow the media the right to use a “Creative Commons License” instead of Copyright, if they so choose.
Do not use the force of law to increase taxes one cent in order to “save” an industry that should either succeed or fail on its own merit.
I will continue to use Creative Commons for the news, information and opinions distributed by and books published through Free Patriot Press. My company will succeed or fail without a government bailout and I suggest you allow (or force) other news organizations to do the same!

In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty;
Darryl W. Perry
Chair Boston Tea Party National Committee
Managing Editor Free Patriot Press
2016 candidate for President of the United States of America