Very Damaging to Alternative Parties

by: Tom Saunders

“Next week, on June 8, there will be an election in California on “Proposition 14,” a measure to adopt a top-two primary system. If this measure passes, it may be very damaging to alternative parties like the Libertarian Party.” (L.P.)

Or, if Americans allow this nonsense, of voter censorship, and prohibition, Libertarians might just walk in the back door of what is left of the Republican Party with a new set of rules. Libertarians are the party that knows how to lay American ‘Rights’ on the table, so they are not misunderstood. I know we have members of the state L.P. who walk in the front door of other parties. They have to, we aren’t allowed to form another party in Oklahoma, without thousands of hounds of dollars to pay for the signatures, to get on the ballot.

I spent this Memorial Day doing what I told several thousand Gnostics what I said I would do. I networked with the ”Backroom,” and my crewin the Libertarian Party. I ‘smoozed’ with the aristocracy of the Libertarian Party, and had a party. ButI checked one on one explaining to each The American Rights Formula, with Wayne Alan Root, the new L.P. Chair Mark Hinkle, Lee Wrights, Sen. Bob Barr, Jon Roland, William Redpath, Robert Murphy, Alicia Mattson, Dan Karlin, Michael Badnarik, Jim Lark,John J. Myers, and Kyle Hartz,(L.P. Headquarters), and my new friends in the Party.

All these people, know there is a formula to reveal American Rights, and they think ‘we’ ought to know it. I asked them. I asked the entire state Party of Oklahoma, the National L.P.Chair,to learn how to define your rights, and nobody objected. Some can actually do it.

I’ve given this formula for study to Oklahoma’s Randy Brogdan, Rep. Charles Key, and Rep. Mike Ritz, Rep. Eric Proctor, and other Oklahoma politicians in the past. Nobody objected, but wanted to study it further. Prudent, but it’s not just time to study it, it’s time to put it to work.

The American Rights Formula

American rights are determined by the instrumentation of Constitutional law. The following formula can determine the enumeration ofAmerican rights from both the body and amendments of the U. S. Constitution.
1. Show the constitutional (‘State and Federal’) provisions (Like
from the 1st. Amend.)that specify the ‘right’ you are trying to demonstrate.
2. Show any legislative acts, that support a particular right, as being ‘Constitutional.’
3. Show the judicial decisions, (stare decisis) of the right you are trying to show by these proofs.
4. Show whereviolations have happened in regard to a particular situation.

Certainly, this formula can be expanded to include helpful references, but if you have a computer ”search engine,” the formula works well all by itself. Most will come up with the same supporting documents about any given enumerated right. There are at least two centuries of historical supporting material for any given right you might investigate with the formula.

Long before this last Memorial Day weekend, I made sure this formula worked slowly, right by right, with some of this nation’s foremost Political Activists and experts on the Constitution.

1. The right to be Protected from laws that plunder life, liberty, and property. (Bills of Attainder)
2. The right to security in your home, family,and papers.
3. The right of free speech, and free expression.
4. The right to be free from illegal seizure, and unreasonable searches.
5. The right to the safety net of judicial warrant requirements, and habeas corpus.
6. The right of free assembly, and association.
7. The right to a trial by a jury of your peers in a system of due process.
8. The right to reasonable bail and recourse for false arrest, and the right to redress grievances.
9. The right to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment.
10. The right to formulate and show your ‘rights’ so they are defined without prejudice, and violation of another enumerated right by the government or agent of the government.

I have done more rights than the above. I can show you violations of every one of these rights, and more,by the Oklahoma Legislature. Or I could just follow the line-up in the First Amendment, and the Oklahoma Constitution. Every one. Violated.

Oklahoma has the worst ballot access laws in the United States. California’s attempt to limit ballot access is a direct plunder of the right of free assembly to gather alternate parties. It is a direct assault against the “blessings” of individual liberty as prescribed in the Preamble of the U. S. Constitution.

Every right I have demonstrated with the enumeration formula, has shown a clear history of intent liberty over legalism, until recently. This means the tendency of Constitutional protections has been against the plunder of life, liberty, and property. This new trend must stop, but the OKLP is very small. California, is another matter.